Tools & Tech

  • React
  • Node
  • Redux
  • Django
  • Git
  • Jest
  • GraphQL
  • REST
  • Postgresql
  • Sqlite
  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C

Open Source Contributions


Lambda School

Student Software Developer April 2018-present

Completed 15 weeks of full-stack web development and 10 weeks of computer science curriculum (click to view curriculum)
◆ Collaborated with other students in Lambda Labs to create an application that met client specifications and negotiated changes in project scope when our team went from a 5-person team to a 3-person team in the beginning of the second week
◆ Presented a Capstone Defense to a panel of Lambda School staff, defending the project

Allegis Transcription

Quality Assurance Lead October 2016 - January 2018

◆ Led a 4-person team responsible for performing quality assessment of over 200 contractors on a quarterly basis
◆ Conducted 1:1 meetings with individuals falling below quality standards to walk through assessments and provide mentorship
◆ Trained new members of Quality Assurance team (including QA Manager)
◆ Maintained spreadsheets tracking progress of QA team, updating QA Manager on status

Allegis Transcription

Quality Assurance Assistant September 2015 - October 2016

◆ Compared insurance transcripts to the audio associated with those claims to ensure accuracy of transcription
◆ Advocated for changes in QA policy to allow for priority escalation
◆ Aided in establishing more measurable quality assurance standards in order to standardize assessment
◆ Created and maintained spreadsheets to track QA team progress and track QA assessment history to observe patterns in behavior


Freelance Transcriptionist 2007 - 2018

◆ Balanced academic, entertainment, corporate, and insurance contracts to provide strict, smart, and clean verbatim transcripts in UK or US English formatted according to client specifications
◆ Communicated with clients on any factors that may cause a transcript to be completed after the agreed-upon deadline as soon as those factors became apparent (poor audio quality, accents I was unfamiliar with, etc.)
◆ Researched industry-specific information in order to ensure accuracy
◆ Maintained strict confidentiality

Greenfield Advisors

Data Entry Clerk August 2013 - June 2014

◆ Processed information from scanned documents to enter into a database for further analysis
◆ Performed online research in order to standardize records and provide the most complete information possible
◆ Created a spreadsheet to aggregate team resources in order to improve consistency of data
◆ Maintained strict confidentiality


Certificate in Computer Science with Full-Stack Web Development Emphasis

Lambda School April 2018 - October 2018

Lambda School is a 6+ month Computer Science & Software Engineering Academy that provides an immersive hands-on curriculum with a focus on computer science, software engineering, and web development.

B.S. Psychology

Secondary major in Anthropology

Washington State University 2007-2011


Crisis Interventionist

IMAlive June 2014 - January 2016

◆ Obtained HEART certification and completed over 200 volunteer hours in a year before switching to a supervisory role where I supervised other crisis interventionist volunteers
◆ Engaged in online chat conversations with individuals in crisis, providing acceptance, respect, and empathy while utilizing active listening skills to assess their situation before providing information and/or referrals to get the help and support they needed